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Towards Zero

The choices  we make behind the wheel need to be SMARTER and SAFER to move towards zero. Learn Smarter Drive Safer wants to do our part to reduce the road toll and injury rate by improving driver education. Our structured training programs focus on low risk safe driving practices.
Your choice of speed can affect others as well as yourself.
When speeding there is less opportunity to react if other people make mistakes. We all need to be compliant and responsible when on the road.
Any death or serious injury on the road is one too many.
We need to all work together towards achieving a Zero Road Toll

Latest News from TRANSPORT NSW
Changes to Road Rules
Road Safety Awareness 
Licencing rules
Road closures and Diversions 


 Price of lesson  is important but it  should not be the main reason to book with a Driving School or Instructor. What is more important  is to find someone that will provide training at a standard you would expect and to recieve value for money.

Other than price , ask  if he/she  can provide following:

  • Flexible pick -up and Drop-off locations
  • Allow you to learn at your own pace
  • Allow supervising driver or parent to sit in back during lesson
  • Provide feedback to Parent or Supervising Driver
  • Flexible  operating  hours and days  including Sundays and Public Holidays
  • Modern training vehicles fitted with dual controls with 5 star Ancap rating
  • Variable lesson durations - such as 90 minute and 2 hour lessons
  • Able to learn in your own car
  • Offer savings  by buying a multi lesson package
  • Do they have cancellation fees
  • Do they offer online booking and payment facilities
  • Can I book a specific instructor for each lesson
  • Provide ONE on ONE training
  • Have current professional liability and indemnity insurance as well as comprehensive cover for all drivers
  • Structured lessons planned for each lesson
  • Provide 3 for 1 Logbook lessons 
  • Member of ADTA or Professional Body of Driver Trainers
  • Written Assessment driving after conducting a practice test
  • Teach skills not  assessed in Driving Test
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