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Will , our lead instructor with over 10 years teaching experience , has the skills to  make a difference in the way you learn to drive.By LEARNING SMARTER you will be able to achieve  results  that  usually take  many hours of practice.
Our structured lessons focus on the  specific driving skills you need to work on and will assist you to  overcome  problems with procedure or technique. We have a range of structured lesson packages to suit beginners, learners with limited experience as well as fully licenced drivers looking for a refresher course .Lessons aim  to build confidence as well as teach  low risk driving skills.
 At Learn Smarter and Drive Safer we strive to achieve the highest levels of customer satisfaction and safety. Click on the link below and view our latest customer reviews.
 Lessons are  in  the Mazda 3 Neo automatic featured on this website or  a  similar standard vehicle. Our Mazda  is  equipped  with the latest automotive safety features, ANCAP 5 star safety rating ,  and  fitted with  dual controls . In addition,  this car is equipped with Mazda  safety package which includes  5 air bags,  left and right  mirror blind spot radar monitoring ,ABS brakes, reverse cross traffic radar checks , alloy wheels , hill assist and emergency self- braking. 

Lesson &Package Rates

By selecting  a lesson type or package below and clicking on the button, you will be directed to our online appointment management system ,Bookitlive .
We offer facility to view availability, book & pay lesson online or  book lesson and pay on day of lesson. You can also purchase any package or promotional offer and pay for future lessons with voucher codes assigned to  your purchase. Once booking is completed you will receive instant confirmation by E mail and a reminder day prior to lesson. Our system also allows you to manage your booking after it is created including changes and cancellation.
​If you do not have a PAY PAL Account, select PAY LATER option to pay cash on day of lesson.
Extended Two Hour Lesson
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Off Peak One Hour Lesson
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Introductory First Lesson Offer 1 Hour
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2 Hour Test Preparation
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Off Peak Two Hour Lesson
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Two Hour Refresher Lesson
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Driving Test Use of Car with One Hour Lesson
Prior to Test. 
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Peak One Hour Lesson
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Overseas Licence Conversion  $340
Includes 3 x 1 hour lessons + Use of Car for Test
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Driving Test with Use of Car Including 1 Hour Lesson Prior $160 
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5 x 1 Hour Lessons $340
Beginners Package
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10 x 2 Hour Lessons $950
Smart Learner Package
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5 x 2 Hour Lessons $500
Face Book FriendsPackage
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10 x 1 Hour Lessons $600
Advanced Learner Package
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20 x 1 Hour Lessons Smart Learner Package $1000
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5 x 2 Hours Lessons
Smart Learner Package $550 Buy Here
Off Peak

Mon-Fri    : 10am-5.30pm
Sat & Sun : 230pm-530pm

 Surcharge $15 applies to o ne hour lessons  during peak times  except first lesson special offer and lessons which are part of package. No day or time restrictions apply to package lessons. 

Peak Times 

MON-FRI    :   7am until 930am.
SAT & SUN :  7am until 2pm and from 6pm-830pm

Structured lessons  accelerate learning & reduce the cost of learning to drive. By practising driving skills that you need to work on and learning new skills  with each lesson ,you will achieve goals much quicker.

Driving Skill

Simple Traffic 

Basic  Procedures 

Complex Traffic

Vehicle Controls

Hills & Bends
Bend Steering
Vision blockouts
Initial drive in light traffic
Use of car controls
Traffic lights
Pedestrian Crossings
Laned Roads
Positioning and steering
Road signs and markings
Angle Parking
Reverse Parallel Parking
Location and Use of
Dashboard Controls
Guages & warning lights
Ignition switch
Steering Wheel
Seating position
Seat belts
Footbrake & handbrake
Windscreen wipers & washers
Starting and Stopping engine
Checking oil
Bonnet and Petrol release 
Central locking
Hazard lights 
Leaving and returning to kerb
Steering Techniques
Managing Crash avoidance space
Why Early Decisions are safer
Being visible to others
Defensive driving
Left and Right turns
Low speed Manoevring
Stop & Give Way signs
Uphill & Downhill Starts
Intersection safety
Stopping distances for emergency braking
U  Turns
Three Point Turns
Influenced decisions
Hazard Response
Lane changing
Left and right turns at lights
Night Driving
Driving in adverse conditions
 Freeways Motorways and Highways
Bridges and Tunnels
Country  Roads
Unsealed roads

Heading 1

mazda 3 NEO 2014

Driver Trainer Profiles 


PERSONAL TRAINER -Automatic Transmission

Will has a customer service background in Travel Management and has worked in the travel industry for over 40 years  in both  retail and Corporate environments. He started driver training  with L-Trent in 2004 and worked as a L-Trent instructor for over 10 years where he   completed over 7500  lessons. He has a teaching style suitable for all learners and attributes which are ideal for teaching .He is extremely patient, caring, friendly ,calm and understanding allowing students to learn at their own pace. If you are looking for the equivalent of a Personal Trainer in Driving Instruction, Will fits the bill. He is an expert in his field. Superior teaching skills, proven experierience,  an excellent knowledge of Sydney roads and of all the best  training locations , are Driving Instructor attributes that will help you achieve your goals. 
To book a Lession with Will click on the Availability and Booking button to be directed to our booking system at




21 July 2015

"Will is an awesome driving instructor.
He is an extremely patient driving instructor unlike many others that I had tried.
Every lesson, he had a plan and a focus point and would tell me what I need to master by the end of class, that way I could focus and concentrate on one or two points in every lesson.
More importantly, he broke down the road rules and procedures into small steps that was very easy to follow.
I strongly recommend Will for anyone out there who wants to learn to be a great and safe driver"

 28 Aug 15

I had absolutely no experience with driving when I was so lucky and got Will as my driving instructor!
He is very professional,patient and you really feel like you are in good hands:)
I really enjoyed my lessons with Will and would strongly recommend him to anyone.
 19 Aug 2015
" It's quite stressful to learn driving for the first time at the age of 22.
Just thinking of the potential embarrassment and the amount of time required made me cringe. 
Will is friendly, patience and effective, and I regularly recommend him to friends and colleagues that require driving lessons" 
20 Aug 2015   
"I passed first go learning with Will!
Will was very patient and knowledgeable about the area and road safety.
I was able to pick up a lot of tips and tricks about driving that family and friends were not able to offer me"
  19 Aug 2015
"I had always heard from my mates that P’s is not easy to pass.
When I met my instructor Will, my worries all went away and I was so excited to pass my test.
Will provided fantastic service - flexible, great price, very patient and informative.
I’ve learnt not only how to drive, but more importantly driving safely. Well done and thanks again!" 

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