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Our Structured Learning Programs​

Structured lessons accelerate the learning  process and reduce costs by focusing on specific driving skills such as steering, parking or lane changing. We offer 4 Learning Modules for Beginners, Intermediate Learner and Advanced Learner Drivers. Each module includes 5 lessons costing $340 each. We can also design a structured training program to suit your needs.
By purchasing 10 or 20 lessons package, you can save up to $200

Beginners -  5 lessons package $340

 ​Location and Use of Controls
 Gears, ignition, switches, steering wheel, instrument panel gauges, warning lights, handbrake, foot brake, accelerator, hazard lights , mirrors, seat belts, seat adjustment, horn, wipers, indicators, headlights, ventilation and demister system, door locks.
Starting and Stopping procedures
How to leave and return to the Kerb .Kerb stop parking. Correct positioning.
Steering Techniques
Pull/Push and Hand over Hand steering techniques.
Observations/Blind spots
Scanning, making full use of peripheral vision, mirrors, identify and check blind spots.
Management of Crash Avoidance Space
Positioning, creating a safe buffer when following or when in proximity of parked vehicles & hazards. Applying the 3 second following rule.

Complex Procedures 5 lesson package $340

Simple Procedures- 5 lesson package $340

Why  early decisions are safer, being visible to others,
defensive driving
left and right turns,roundabouts
low speed manoevring
Stop and Give Way signs procedures
uphill and downhill starts 
intersection safety
stopping distances & emergency braking
 U turns 
3 point turns. 

Advanced Procedures 5 lesson package $340

 Hills  & Bends
  Bend Steering
  Vision Blockouts,  
  How to determine Safe Gaps
 Driving in light traffic, use of controls
Traffic Light and Pedestrian Crossing procedures
Multi-Laned Road, positioning , steering
Road signs and markings, bus lanes.
Angle Parking , parking bays, car parks
Reverse  Parallel Parking.
​​Influenced decisons
Managing hazards
Lane Changing
Left & right turns at traffic lights - procedure
Driving in adverse weather conditions
Night Driving
Overtaking procedure
Freeways and Motorways
Bridges and Tunnels
Open road 
Unsealed roads

Video Coaching 

This months Driving Tips

Video learning aids  for students who want to accelerate learning. Use these to prepare for your next lesson or to review the key points of  a completed LSDS lesson on these driving topics
  1. Give Way Rules or Roundabouts and Intersections. Procedures to Turn Left or Right
    Roundabout and Intersections
  2. Guide to Reverse Parallel Parking
    Reverse Parallel Parking
  3. Beginners Guide to Car Controls
    Basic Controls
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